Louis Maple Syrup


Louis Maple Syrup is a pure Canadian maple syrup grade A medium. It is free from artificial colours, artificial preservatives and artificial flavours. Maple syrup is a 100% natural, wholey organic food and the only product in our diet coming directly from a plant’s sap. With over 54 antioxidants that can help delay or prevent disease caused by free radicals such as cancer or diabetes.

Uses: Maple syrup has many uses in cooking. It’s a little luxury to pour over pancakes or waffles or over ice cream and can be used in baking or even savoury dishes – spread a little on top of streaky bacon before grilling. It can also be used to make dressings and for marinating dishes i.e. mix with soy sauce and marinade with Salmon. It is very popular as a glazing for sausages, winter vegetables, salmon and steak.


  • A portion of ¼ cup of maple syrup contains 100% of the daily value of manganese.
  • The sweetener provides 37% of the daily value of Riboflavin, which aids the metabolic process.
  • Pure maple syrup also contains 18% of the RDV of Zinc, which is essential for a healthy immune system.
  • Other minerals found in maple syrup are magnesium, calcium & potassium, decreasing the risk of hypertension or stroke.
  • Contains fewer calories and a higher concentration of minerals than honey.
  • Scientists are finding that this popular sweet treat is abundant with healthy nutrients that can bring benefits to those suffering from diabetes and metabolic syndrome, among other health problems.


  • Pure Maple Syrup
  • No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

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